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    Furnace problems can be a major headache, but the right heating contractor can make things go a lot more smoothly. Unfortunately, finding the right contractor for your heating system can be a problem in itself. Whether your furnace needs a quick tune-up or you need a major overhaul of your heating system, there are some ways to help ensure you find the best contractor for your Shiloh, Illinois, furnace repairs.

    Do Your Research

    Start by spending some time learning about licenses. While Illinois does not require a specific license for HVAC contractors, it does require them to have a standard business license. Any contractor who doesn’t have that is probably not operating fully above-board, so look elsewhere. Make sure any contractor you hire is fully bonded and insured, too, which protects you if there’s an accident or error.

    Dedicated heating contractors also generally choose to get additional licensing. The most common types of certification come from North American Technician Excellence, or NATE, and the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. However, there is a range of other local and national organizations that also provide high-quality licensing and certification.

    In addition, look for contractors who are active in local professional associations. For HVAC contractors, these often are groups related to building and construction. Union affiliation is also a good sign that a contractor takes the job seriously and has the skills needed to repair or replace your heating system.

    Know Your Goals

    Before you contact a heating contractor, know what you want. A small furnace repair is a different task than a full replacement, and while most contractors can handle both, some may be more suited to one or the other. A solo heating contractor may not be equipped to efficiently replace your furnace compared to a company with numerous technicians, for example. Knowing details about your current heating system, such as the make and model of your furnace, can also help streamline the process by letting your contractor arrive prepared and ready to work.

    Check References

    The best way to find a heating contractor is through referrals from friends and family who know and trust the contractor, but that isn’t always possible. The next best thing is to ask for references and double-check them. Quality HVAC contractors should have customer testimonials or other reference materials that they can share with you. Many list their customer reviews right on their websites for added convenience. Look for recurring themes in the referrals to get an idea of the kind of service you can expect.

    Expect a Home Inspection

    Although a good heating contractor may be able to offer a vague estimate over the home for common furnace repairs, be wary of anyone who promises a low price without seeing your home. Instead, be prepared for your contractor to want to come out and see your heating system in person before making any firm promises, since the price can vary significantly depending on the specifics. Be prepared to point out any problem areas, whether they get too hot or stay chilly even with the furnace on full blast, and don’t be surprised if your contractor spends some time testing things in those areas to figure out what is happening.

    Get Everything in Writing

    Every good heating contractor should be prepared to offer you a written estimate for even minor furnace repairs. Avoid anyone who refuses to do that upfront, as they can sneak in hidden fees or excess costs without you realizing it. Your contractor should be ready with an itemized estimate that includes time and labor costs, replacement parts, and any other incidental expenses.

    Trying to find a new heating contractor is never fun. Call Bear Heating and Cooling to become your new heating and cooling contractor for Shiloh, Illinois residents.