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  • Signs You Need to Replace Your Glen Carbon, IL Air Conditioner

    You, no doubt, want your air conditioner to work as long as possible. Some things can be repaired, but if you’re making constant repairs to your air conditioner or it is old, then you probably will need to look at replacing your air conditioner. There are some sure signs that you’ll need to replace your Glen Carbon, IL air conditioner in the near future.

    Your Air Conditioning System Is Old

    An old system doesn’t run as efficiently as a new air conditioner. You’ll also need frequent repairs which can really add up in costs. You also have to worry about your air conditioner failing during the hot summer months if it is old. If your cooling system is older than 15 years, it is time for air conditioner replacement. Air conditioners are made to last approximately 15 years. Anything beyond that is risky because there’s a high chance your system will just stop working, which means you’re going to be uncomfortable when it’s hot outside.

    Air Conditioner Repair Is Expensive

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    If something goes wrong with your air conditioning system and the repair is going to be expensive, you have to weigh your options. Decide if the repair is worth the cost versus the cost of a new air conditioner. If you’re facing a major repair, your best bet might be to install a new cooling system that will be up-to-date and run efficiently with little maintenance.

    Your Home is Uncomfortable

    An inefficient cooling system will have a difficult time doing its job. If your home isn’t as cool as you think it should be, then your air conditioner has lost its ability to operate the way it should. An aging system can have problems when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. It’s possible that your system isn’t sized correctly and will need to be replaced.

    Repairs Are Frequent

    If you’re getting to know your technicians by their first name, it might be time to think about replacing your air conditioning system. The cost of frequent repairs can add up quickly and may not be the best option, especially if your system is old. Determine if the cost of the frequent repairs is worth it or if you would be better off replacing your cooling system in your Glen Carbon, IL home.

    Energy Bill is High

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    A cooling system that isn’t working properly may run all the time without cooling your home the way it is supposed to. A good indication that this is the case in your Glen Carbon, IL home is high energy bills. Your electric use should be consistent and shouldn’t increase sharply for any given month. If you notice this when you get your bill, it may be a sign that air conditioner replacement is needed soon.

    Your Air Conditioner Unit Uses Freon

    The federal government is phasing out Freon in an effort to save energy. If your cooling system uses Freon, repairs involving Freon will be more expensive as the costs for Freon are rising. Any system using Freon will eventually have to be replaced to use a new refrigerant. If your air conditioner is giving you major headaches, especially if the problems involve Freon, this would be a good time to replace your cooling system.

    You don’t realize how much you rely on your cooling system to keep you comfortable during the hot summer months until you’re dealing with the failure of your system. When your home is hot, it’s difficult to sleep or do anything. Don’t let this happen to you. If you suspect your system is about to fail, call the professionals at Baer Heating & Cooling.