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  • A Handy Guide on Switching to A Smart Thermostat

    If you are a homeowner, you are aware that the costs of your heating and cooling can be one, if not, the most expensive utility in your household. Like summer months with your air conditioning. Bills for your heating tend to skyrocket in the wintertime due to the cold temperatures outside. This then forces homeowners to either spend more money on their utility bills than other times or to be uncomfortable in a home that is set to a moderate temperature setting. One tip that we have for you is checking out a smart thermostat. Having one can help with these specific challenges and can save you money while offering you a level of convenience.

    We are going to walk you through the innovative reasons why you should switch your current thermostat to a new smart thermostat today!

    What Even is a “Smart” Thermostat?

    Before we talk about the advantages of a smart thermostat, what makes one smart? Products such as the nest self-learning thermostat are not only easy for the individual to install. It is also easy to then operate. This is simply because it does all the work for you. The only thing that it does in fact require is a quick setup, which most users can complete in less than thirty minutes (professional installation services are available if you prefer).

    This system is automated, so you can set it to what temperature you want and what your schedule is. The thermostat adjusts for your systems for the best type of performance. As a bonus, the system then learns when you’re away and automatically adjusts itself to save energy.  

    One thing about Nest is that it personalizes its features for you. After your system learns about you and your home, Nest automatically will balance comfort and energy savings. If you tell the system that you want to wake up at 6 am, it will start the temperature you want by that time.

    Set Your Temperature for Anywhere

    For added convenience, the nest system comes with built-in WIFI for you to be able to adjust the temperatures from your phone, tablet, or even PC. This advantage is so useful since you are able to change the comfort levels of your home from wherever you may be.

    By not being home, you are able to adjust your settings, check your schedules, or view energy usage over a period of time. The easy to read interface makes comparing these energy savings simple. Nest will also send an email each month showing your usage and how the changes are affecting your overall bills.

    More than a standard thermostat in any home, the Nest offers so much more by just needing to plug it in and telling it your preferences. Lowering your thermostat a few degrees from your usual setting can translate into energy savings.


    Smart Thermostats are the best way to go when wanting to control your heating and cooling, and also wanting to save money wherever you can. These designs will not only keep your homes at your specific comfort levels without breaking the bank, but they will also be easy to follow so the whole family will know how to keep the home happy. These different designs are the best in the market and will not disappoint anyone that makes the switch. If you are thinking about making the switch today, give Baer Heating and Cooling in Clinton County, IL a call today!