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  • Different Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Trenton, Illinois.

    Air balancing can help improve air circulation, increase energy efficiency, and enhance the overall performance of your air conditioning and heating system. For a homeowner, it means delivering the right amount of air (hot or cold spots) to each room making your home more comfortable.

    Air balancing for a HVAC technician is the process of testing and adjusting your system using their skill and tools of the trade. They look at your intake and output and adjust accordingly.

    In this specific article, we will share ways you can do it yourself to adjust your airflow and your comfort level. A comfortable balance can be maintained as simply as checking whether a room feels comfortably conditioned. You then need to understand the tall tell signs that you may require a HVAC professional and there will be specific help to understand how a certain technician will go about balancing a residential system.

    So, What Really is “Air Balancing” for Hot and Cold Spots:

    Air balancing is known as a process that involves modifying your existing HVAC system to make sure that air is being evenly distributed throughout your home. All specific zones will have the correct amount of heat transfer. You really want all components of your HVAC system working the best that they can. With this in mind, we have a few tips you can do to make sure that you avoid uneven temperatures.

    Adjusting Your Ceiling Fan:

    ceiling fan for hot spots

    Did you know that you can adjust your ceiling fan to make your room cooler or warmer? It’s okay if you didn’t because most people don’t! Next time that you are in your house, change the directional setting of the fan to help the air circulation.

    Check for Drafts:

    You always want to double check your windows and doors so that you know they are sealed properly. These are usually the first causes of cold spots in your home.

    Check Filters for Cleanliness:

    There are many reasons to check your filters, but one main reason is to improve your air quality. Cleaning debris that builds up on your filters will help with the flow of air distributing in your house.

    Preventing Airflow Restrictions:

    Try not to cover your heating registers with furniture or any other items that will restrict air flow. If you block a vent your system will work harder which could cause damage. This is also a safety hazard.

    Make Sure That Your Thermostat Fan is On:


    Changing your thermostat setting can have a huge impact on the airflow in your house. Having this on will not only keep air circulating throughout your house but also expand its comfort levels as well.

    Install Window Coverings to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots:

    Your windows will impact the comfort level in each room more so than you know. Windows without any type of covering can heat up a room way faster than a thermostat has the time to turn on and cool it down. Adding any type of covering will drastically change the coolness in the room and can help improve energy efficiency.

    There are more ways out there than just the six we shared with you to help with hot and cold spots in your home. With these being ones that can be done on your own, there are also many different steps that technicians can do to help the comfort levels of your home as well. If you are needing a trusted professional, Baer is who to call! To book an appointment or to have one of our team members answer any of your questions, feel free to give us a call at (618) 224-7344