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  • The Best Way to Avoid AC Repair Scams:

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    Every home should have a well-designed and functioning heating and air conditioning system if you are planning on keeping your home cool for the warmer months. Should a certain issue happen with your unit and you need it fixed as soon as possible, your first step is to call for help. With, rushing to hire anyone to fix your system may not be the best for your AC, especially if you happen to find out that the person isn’t as qualified as they make it seem. If this isn’t something you would like to avoid which let’s be honest here, we think you should, then here is a guide that can help you out and avoid ac repair scams!

    Identifying Repair Scams:

    A common scam can be well pin pointed if you know what you are looking for. Here are some of the common signs that show that you are quite possibly dealing with a potential scam artist:

    1. There’s limited company information that is available:  This typically means there is just a simple one-page website or even sometimes, no information whatsoever.
    2. Few or No Professional Brochures are Available. Not having a brochure could often mean they are not able to provide information on their products, services, or any other information.
    3. Asking for Payment Before Your Service is Provided: If the technician asked for payment upfront, this could indicate that they might be planning on taking your money and running. A professional HVAC company who specializes in air conditioning system repairs will never ask for cash upfront because there is no reason to.
    4. Pushy, high-pressure tactics- Scam artists tend to use high-pressure tactics to persuade customers to make reactive choices. Never make an immediate decision based on such tactics. Always make sure you ask for a second opinion from other repair companies.

    Other Fairly Common Scams to Avoid:

    A Service Technician could inform you that a part needs repairs, even though the part appears to be perfectly fine. Most of the time, the cost of replacing the certain part will be ridiculously high, and you will then be prompted to then buy a whole new unit instead, since this appears to be better, more cost-effective choice. This is however hardly justified, especially if the technician suggests that your unit has several faulty parts.

    In most central air conditioners, one defective part will compromise the integrity of the entire unit. This means that the other parts are not properly functioning. Not because they are faulty, but because one part is truly broken. One of the best ways to prevent this scam is to seek multiple opinions about your specific unit.  

    Another type of scam is the “recharging” scam, in which shady technicians will purposely bill you more than what they should be doing. Allowing the technician to “recharge” your HVAC system will not really solve the problem. What they are hoping for is you to call them back for services where they won’t really solve the problem but take your money anyways.

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    To Avoid AC Repair Scams you always need to do your research. Choosing the first AC company you find is not always the best way to go.  Getting an estimate as well is something that is very important and asking questions if something feels off about the technician or their work. With these key facts in mind, you can always trust us at Baer for any work you will need on your systems. If you need to talk to a professional or make an appointment, give us a call at (618) 224-744.