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  • Tips On Preventing AC Failure This Summer

    Your air conditioning system will see the most use during the summer. With longer days, hotter temperatures, and the family being home more. With this in mind, it is always good to make sure that your system will be reliable when you need it the most. Our dedicated and trusted team at Baer Heating and Cooling understands all there is to know about air conditioning repair. They are more than ready to help and are just one phone call away. To get you on the right track and allowing yourself to enjoy this warmer weather, sun, and fun, our team wanted to share some helpful tips on making sure your AC System is working the best it ever has!

    AC Tips
    1. Never Skip an Annual Checkup:  When you schedule an annual tune-up for your system, you are making a step in the right direction. Having a tune-up is the simplest way to keep your system in working, excellent condition. Having your AC checked not only alleviates stress on your end but also allows your technician to check if there are any issues that they can deal with sooner than later. By taking care of these problems when they first occur, there is less of a chance for there to be any significant problems in the long run. Scheduling a tune-up may seem silly, especially when there are no errors that you can pinpoint at the time being. However, making sure to have that comfort and knowing that your system is running the best that it can.
    2. Changing Your Air Filters: Having clean air is something everyone should be able to experience. Not only will air filters make sure your air quality is spot on, but it will also affect the performance of your AC systems as well. When dirt and dust build up in the filter, this will prevent cold air from coming throughout your home. Changing those filters is one of the best upkeeps methods you can take part in. It is simple and affordable. By doing this, we can prevent further damage to your system.
    3. Clear the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit: Your outdoor unit will need room around it to operate in the best way that it can. Since this is the case, make sure to cut grass or trim any shrubs around the area for a nice amount of space. This will not only benefit the air quality but gives clear access for a contractor to perform your annual tune-up.
    4. Do not Put Off Your AC Problems: Issues with your air conditioner will worsen over time, so if you don’t want to plan on spending money on tons of repairs or even replacement, call your HVAC expert at Baer Heating and Cooling for all necessary solutions. We are always more than ready to help and would much rather fix a problem right when it happens so that there is no further damage to your system. We can answer any of your questions and walk you through any steps that you might be struggling with along the way.
    AC Tips

    With these simple steps, we know here at Baer Heating and Cooling that you will make the right choice in not only following these steps but calling our trusted team for any help. We want to make sure this summer is the best one you ever, and to do that, having a cool, working air is a step in the right direction. Questions? Call us today at (618) 920-767 and for emergencies at (618) 920-7675