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  • Is a Whole-Home Humidifier Right for My Breese, IL Home?

    December 3, 2018 | Blog Support
  • How can a whole-home humidifier help me this winter in Breese, IL?

    whole-home humidifier benefits in Breese IL

    As the winter charges on, the dry air continues to dry out our sinuses and our skin. Replacing the moisture in the air is, without a doubt, a priority for Breese, IL residents. Typically people turn to small one-room humidifiers. The problem with these is that you need to fill and replace the water with almost every use and turn the humidifier on and off to get it to work. For those who suffer from a lot of adverse side effects from dry air, this is not the most convenient method for humidifying the air.

    A whole-home humidifier, on the other hand, can be installed directly into your HVAC system. It will introduce moisture and humidity back into the air with water vapor and your pre-existing ductwork. You have complete control over the amount of humidity through your thermostat. You can set whatever level of moisture you prefer anytime during the year.

    So what are the benefits of having a whole-house humidifier in Breese, IL? We’ve listed them below:


    Believe it or not, the viruses that can mow us down during the winter tend to flourish in environments that have restricted humidity. This means that your likelihood of coming down with the flu or the common cold skyrockets. Living in a dry environment also increases your susceptibility to infection. Putting moisture back into the air will reduce the chances of coming down with these ailments.


    Those who have asthma or allergies may find that the dryness in the air can dry out their nose, make their throat sore, or dry out their skin. When you have more humidity in the air, it can lead to a more comfortable environment and a reduction in the chances of aggravating current medical conditions.

    Long-term savings

    whole-home humidifier in Breese IL

    A whole house humidifier can make the use of your furnace much more efficient, as it can help keep your house warm at lower temperatures, reducing your heating costs. You’ll also be eligible for incentive programs, such as the National Association of Home Builders’ Green-Built Certification.

    For more information on getting a whole-house humidifier installed in your Breese, IL home, reach out to the experts at Baer Heating and Cooling today. Call (618) 224-7344 or (618) 920-7675.