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  • AC system cleaning tips in Highland IL

    If your home has an AC system, you know the value of having a service technician on schedule. This prevents costly repairs from occurring and keeps the home a comfortable temperature. Especially for you and your family to enjoy during the hottest days of summer.

    Add Dusting and Sweeping Your AC Unit to Your Weekly Cleaning List

    Staying on top of daily system cleaning can also extend the length between technician visits. Making sweeping and dusting around the indoor unit a priority helps remove built-up dirt and debris, which blocks the filter and prevents cool air from coming out of the machine.

    System cleaning

    AC system cleaning tips in Highland, IL that you may find helpful.

    Use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to tackle mildew. The solution is a highly effective way to remove the toxic substance from the surface of the AC unit. It dries quickly and isn’t harmful when people or pets come into contact with it. Some commercial cleaners are full of chemicals that get added to the air and cause breathing problems for residents of the home. It’s best to use only hydrogen peroxide because of its ability to dissolve tough substances safely.

    Clean or replace filters regularly. If the AC system that you have inside the home has a removable filter that requires cleaning, you must stay on top of the task to prevent the machine from working incorrectly. If it has filters that get thrown away, asking the service technician that you have performed maintenance on the machine for a schedule for replacing filters is ideal. You’ll know just how often you should take the old one out and replace it with a new one.

    More tips to find helpful for system cleaning.

    Pay close attention to the aluminum fins. The spaces where air pushes out can become blocked with dirt and dust. That’s why you should comb them out regularly to remove pet hair and other debris that has made its way to the AC unit. This step can also be done with the hand attachment of a vacuum cleaner but is far more effective with a comb. It’s able to gently pull out wads of fur or lint effectively and give your AC system a longer lease on life.

    air conditioning maintenance

    Pull the unit out of the window and give it a good wipe down before storing it for the winter. Before putting the unit away for the season, it’s best to give it a thorough clean before wrapping it in plastic or a tarp to protect it. This simple step alone keeps you AC in good working order year-round, even when it’s not in use. You’ll be able to plug it in with no issue if you’ve taken the steps necessary to keep it clean and free from damage while storing it in a garage or basement.

    Keeping your AC unit clean throughout the year involves work. It’s well worth it, however, because it prevents you from needing to replace the system as frequently. You’ll get more bang for your buck from the unit because it performs the way the manufacturer meant for it to for as long as it runs and prevents you from having expensive home utility bills in the process.

    Regular AC Maintenance Keeps Your Machine in Operation Longer

    Air conditioner cleaning routinely ensures that you’re able to have a fully operational unit long-term. It prevents the machine from working too hard and burning out its motor. It also keeps home energy costs down because the unit runs efficiently. Hiring a professional to service the AC system is ideal because of the value it provides. You’ll have the unit for far longer if you make AC maintenance a priority.