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Things to Look for in a Local Salem, IL HVAC Company

HVAC systems that are used within a commercial setting are vital for air quality and climate control. As a facility leader or business owner, you need to ensure that your unit has maximum efficiency and a long lifespan. When these things happen, it helps keep everyone inside the building comfortable and can help increase productivity. If you do not have regular maintenance, then your business may be disrupted due to costly HVAC problems that can occur. Therefore, you will need to look into a reliable contractor that is local to the Salem, IL area. We at Baer Heating & Cooling help service the Salem, IL area, and our contractors are some of the best in the area.

HVAC Units

There are several things to look for when choosing a good contractor. These include commercial space experience, Insurance & licenses, and certifications. Below we have explained a little bit about each category to help you make the best decision for your business.

HVAC Insurance and Licenses

A proper commercial HVAC company is worth hiring if they have all of the needed permits and licenses. This may seem self-explanatory; however, some companies are not always up to date on specific permits that are required in the Salem, IL area. There are different regulations at the city, state, and county level, so make sure whoever you hire is up to date.

Working with an HVAC company that has proper insurance means that you are protected from liability. This can be for any incident that may occur. This covers heating & cooling system replacement, repair, and even regular maintenance incidents that can occur. Such incidents can be non-payment of wages, property damage, and even accidental injuries.

Repairing HVAC System

Experience with Business HVAC Systems

When it comes to the difference between a home and business HVAC system, one thing comes to mind, who is affected. In your home, the answer is simple, whoever lives inside of your home. For a business, it includes employees, visitors, and even other tenants. This is because a business space can vary from a retail store to an office complex. Most HVAC companies (including ours) do both home and business heating system maintenance and repairs.  When you consider choosing a contractor make sure, you choose someone who has years of experience in the business HVAC repair field.

Choose the Best Contractor for Your Business

You know that the health of your business’s HVAC system is vitally important, so make sure you choose a contractor that is the best around. We at Baer Heating & Cooling are the HVAC system experts for the Salem, IL area. If you need maintenance on your HVAC system or want to know more, just give us a call today!



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