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Fixing a Heat Pump

Knowing a Leaking Heat Pump and How to Fix one in Salem, Illinois

One of the most efficient parts of a heating and cooling system is a heat pump. This specific part of a system can change the flow of your system depending on if you want the heat or cool air in your place of living. This can come especially handy during those long summer days and short winter ones. Since the weather is starting to get cooler, and snow is going to be soon approaching the midwest, it is crucial to know that your system is working properly. The last thing that any homeowner will want to deal with is freezing cold home when it is below freezing outside. Even if your Salem, IL home has the best working heating and cooling system, there can be potential from a leak to form. Our staff wants you to understand the reasons behind these leaks and how to spot them and fix them.

Heat Pump for Home

Drain Issues

One of the many key functions of a heat pump is to drain away any excess moisture. The water that does result from condensation is specifically designed to collect in the condensate pan and then travel down a drain line to then be carried away from your heating unit. With this in mind, if the unit becomes clogged with any debris or even mold, it could overflow and then create a messy puddle that is then around your pump instead of sending moisture through the drain line.

Fixed Leaking Heat Pump

Dirty Coils

Any condensation from the indoor air is collected by the cold evaporator coil in your heat pump and is then drained down to a specific pan which leads to then another train. If this pathway gets filled with excess dust and dirt, this can become rather faulty and then cease to function, this will then cause the water to drip and then pool onto the ground. You will need to clean this regularly so that you are ensured with a well-working operation. This is also counted for frozen coils. During the cooler times of the year, if your pump’s temperatures are dropped, this could cause freezing. This will then also create a leak in your heat pump.

Cracked Pan on Heat Pump

If your pan that we discussed before is cracked or broken, this can become a problem. The humidity collects on the coils and travels down the certain drain and then the overflow pan. If this pan shows signs of rust or breakage, the fluids that normally collect in this pan will begin to leak.

If you are noticing a leak at all in your unit, we advise you to call our team. We want you in a comfortable home during these colder seasons upon us. Have any questions at all? We are happy to help you! Please, give our team at Baer Heating & Cooling a call today!



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