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Tips to Prepare Your Germantown, IL Air Conditioning System for Spring

As the temperatures start to rise, the thoughts of needing to make sure your Germantown, IL home stays cool start to creep in. Before you turn on your air conditioning system for the first time this spring, there is something you should check.

Spring Tune-up

Remove Any Coil or Unit Covers

When it is wintertime, a common practice by homeowners is to cover their outdoor AC units and coils in order to ensure that the cold will not damage their units. However, before you turn your air conditioning system back on for the first time, make sure to remove the cover. It can seem like a simple thing to remember. However, when you are looking for a way to get rid of stale warm air in your home, it can easily be forgotten. This is important because when you forget to remove the covers you can end up causing a large amount of damage to your unit.

Clear Away Debris from Your Air Conditioning Unit

No amount of covers on your unit will keep all of the debris entirely away. Once you have removed the coverings, make sure to get out any grass clippings, dead leaves, and foliage that is found a way to get underneath the covers. You will want to ensure that as much air as possible can be taken in order to keep your unit working at its peak efficiency. If there are any blockages, it can cause your unit to have to work harder than normal, which shortens its lifespan and will lead to more needed repairs in the future.

Change Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Filters

After you are done focusing on the outside of the unit, you will want to make sure that you switch the air filters on your indoor HVAC system. Your system’s air filters may be coated in dust and dirt due to cleaning up the winter air while the furnace was running. New air filters are essential to lower the allergens found in your home air, which is important, especially during the allergen-prone springtime.


Clean Both the Return Vents & the Air Supply Vents

Another area that you need to make sure gets cleaned properly is the air supply & return vents. As we recirculate the indoor air over the winter season, it can be easy for dust to accumulate on both the supply and return vents inside of your home. This can be a problem once we switch over to the air conditioner. You can use your home’s standard vacuum in order to clear away any dust and dirt buildup which will help air move more freely.

These tips are to ensure that your home is properly prepared for utilizing your air conditioning unit this spring season. If you have any questions or want our team to take a look at your system. Make sure you call us at Baer Heating & Cooling today!



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