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How do Electric Furnaces Heat up Your Home in Maryville, IL

Electric Furnaces

If you are the owner of a home in Maryville, IL, you should already know that there are many different types of furnaces out there. The most popular choice for a furnace is typically a gas furnace since they do a fantastic job keeping your home warm. Electric furnaces, however, tend to get a bad reputation. These kinds of furnaces can work well in homes as well. Here we will be talking more about how electric furnaces operate and how they can benefit your home.

Using Electric Resistance

To heat your home, an electric furnace will not have to burn anything up, instead, it uses electric resistance. An electric furnace will use extremely hot coils to effectively heat your home. The air in your home is brought through the ducts into the furnace where the heated coils heat the air and then send it back out into your home. It is a simple process that does not require the burning of fuel in order to operate, as long as you have electricity in your home, your furnace will run.

Eco-Friendly Furnace

One of the biggest draws that Maryville, IL homeowners find with these types of furnaces is that they run off electricity.  Many people may not know this, but the power grid that electric furnaces run off can come from many different sources. These furnaces are in fact one of the most environmentally friendly furnaces options available as the energy to run them often comes from eco-friendly sources like wind farms and solar panels.

Homes That Benefit from Having Electric Furnaces

Smart Thermostat

While electric furnaces can be great, it is also important to remember that electric furnaces do better in certain homes. If your home has access to natural gas, it is more cost-effective to get a gas furnace instead of an electric furnace. Overall gas is more cheap and more plentiful, thus making it the stronger choice for heating your home. One alternative that homeowners like is electrical heat pumps, which make for not only a great furnace but also a great AC system. Use your best judgment to decide if you think having an electric furnace is worth it.

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