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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Buildup in Salem, IL

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As the owner of a gas furnace in Salem, IL, you know how important it is to make sure that the carbon monoxide is not leaking out into your home. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that can be lethal if exposed for too long. It is an odorless and colorless gas, and it is highly flammable. Just as important as it is to be sure that no carbon monoxide is leaking out of your furnace, it is also crucial to look out for carbon monoxide buildup. Here we will be explaining some tips for preventing the buildup of carbon monoxide in your home’s furnace.

Having You Furnace Regularly Serviced

If you want to be sure that the furnace in your Salem, IL home is safe from any carbon monoxide buildup, it is important to have you’re your furnace regularly serviced by an HVAC professional. HVAC technicians will check your furnace for any problems that can lead to buildups. Making sure that your furnace gets checked annually is a good rule of thumb. Some other problems that an HVAC technician will help you solve include things like your filters being dirty, wear and tear of the ball bearings, improper installation of your furnace, malfunctioning thermostats, loud sounds from your furnace, gas fuel issues, and more. Have your local professionals check your furnace annually to keep it running in tip-top shape and keep you and the people you live with safe.

Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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If you own a gas furnace, it is important to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home in order to detect any carbon monoxide in your home. Keep multiple detectors in your home in different areas. This will help you know if there are any gas leaks in your home, allowing you to act right away. You can find these types of detectors at your local store. If your detectors go off, be sure to call emergency services right away. Being able to detect any leaks in your home early will help keep everybody in your home safe from carbon monoxide.

If you are looking for a reputable HVAC company that can service, you’re gas furnace in your Salem, IL home and prevent carbon monoxide leaks and buildup, give our team of professional technicians over at Baer Heating and Cooling a call today!



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