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Best Choice for Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Mascoutah, IL

Can your heater or air conditioner handle the task of maintaining comfortable temperatures for your home or office? Residents and business owners in Mascoutah Illinois can rely on Baer Heating & Cooling to keep their HVACs in optimal condition. Baer is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Mascoutah and the surrounding communities since 2006. We are committed to providing the best heating and air conditioning service to guarantee customer satisfaction, and we offer free estimates on all our services. Call today for a repair, tune-up, or installation of a new system.

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Service Mascoutah Illinois

Energy-Efficient HVAC Replacement

Are you looking to save money on your energy costs? You can reduce your gas or electric bill and help the environment at the same time by replacing your old HVAC with an energy-efficient furnace or AC. Our HVAC specialists at Baer Heating & Cooling have installed many makes and models of heating and cooling systems, so you can trust that you will receive quality work on your commercial or residential installation. Call for a free estimate and ask about qualifying discounts and rebates through the Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy Program:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Thermostats
  • Humidifiers

If you are ready to upgrade your broken or inefficient heating or cooling system, call Baer Heating & Cooling for a free estimate! We offer professional installation and reputable brands that you can trust.

Heating Services for Mascoutah, IL

Mascoutah, Illinois, endures harsh winters, so it is important for your boiler, furnace, or heat pump to continue running as it should. Frigid temperatures are a risk for pipes freezing in your home; maintaining heat through your house is just as important to prevent these problems as it is for keeping your family warm through the winter season. Trust Baer Heating & Cooling for routine maintenance and repairs on your heating system. We offer heating services for unexpected breakdowns and free estimates on new installations. Ask our professionals about energy-efficient options and smart thermostats.

Heating Service Mascoutah IL
Air Conditioning Service Repair Mascoutah Illinois

AC Repair and Replacement

The Midwest experiences hot summers that match the intensity of the cold winters. Don’t let a declining air conditioner make your home or office feel like a desert. The experts at Baer Heating & Cooling can repair many makes and models of residential and commercial air conditioners. Our goal is to quickly fix your system the first time you call, but if your AC is beyond repair, we offer free estimates on new installations. Count on Baer to keep you cool this summer with our air conditioning service.

Maintenance Clean and Checks

The clunking of a furnace followed by an abrupt halt of heat blowing through your vents can be a scary experience. Rising temperatures and a broken thermostat can be equally frustrating. One of our goals at Baer Heating & Cooling is to avoid either of these scenarios from occurring. Many of the repairs that bring our technicians to homes and businesses could have been avoided through routine maintenance. By scheduling an annual appointment with one of our specialists, we can catch small glitches to avoid larger and more expensive repairs later. Prolong the life of your HVAC and avoid catastrophe with Baer’s tune-up service:
  • A visual inspection of your entire system
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Removing any debris
  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Inspecting the thermostat settings
  • Assessing your exhaust outlets
  • Monitoring the refrigerant levels
Air Conditioning Service Checks Mascoutah IL
Air Quality Mascoutah Illinois

Improve Your Air Quality

You might be surprised to learn that many different contaminants are lurking in your indoor air. Because we cannot see them, we feel a false sense of security that the air is clean. Air ducts can trap and circulate mold, bacteria, dust, allergens, and other toxins. These pollutants are not good for anyone, but they may worsen symptoms for people with breathing issues like COPD or asthma. Make the call to Baer Heating & Cooling for air-purifying solutions. Let us install the following products to reduce allergens and contaminants for healthier air quality:

  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • High-efficiency HVAC filters
  • In-duct air purifiers
  • Ventilation control systems
  • Carbon dioxide sensor

Expert Sheet Metal Fabrication in Mascoutah, IL

Baer Heating & Cooling provides exceptional installation, repairs, and maintenance of cooling and heating systems in Mascoutah, Illinois, and the surrounding area. One aspect of our professional services that you may not know about is sheet metal fabrication. Our skilled technicians build elbows, louvers, vents, flashings, and other pieces to create custom ductwork for your HVAC. Custom-built to fit your system, it creates an airtight fit that prevents leaks. Call Baer today for more information and a free estimate on all our commercial and residential services!
Sheet Metal Fabrication Mascoutah IL
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