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Cooling Service Carlyle IL

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Expert Heating & Cooling Service in Carlyle, IL

Controlling the temperature at home or work is vital to maintaining a comfortable environment. Whether an employee is unable to concentrate on his or her work in a hot office or your family has to sleep in a huddle in front of the fireplace because their bedrooms are too cold, we want to help you avoid an unpleasant heating or cooling situation. Baer Heating & Cooling has the solutions for all your HVAC needs in Carlyle Illinois. Trust us with your residential or commercial heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners. We offer free estimates on our heating and cooling service, so call today!

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Energy Efficient Cooling Service Carlyle Illinois

Replace Your System with an Energy-Efficient HVAC

Does your heater or air conditioner need to be replaced? This is the perfect time to upgrade to an energy-efficient system! The team at Baer Heating & Cooling is experienced in replacing many makes and models of different units and continues learning the intricacies and benefits of new models as technology improves. Energy-efficient air conditioners and furnaces use less energy, which will reflect in a lower electricity or gas bill. Ask about a free estimate on installations of:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Thermostats
  • Humidifiers

If you are ready to upgrade your broken or inefficient heating or cooling system, call Baer Heating & Cooling for a free estimate! We offer professional installation and reputable brands that you can trust.

Furnace Repairs for Carlyle, IL

Living in Carlyle, Illinois, you can count on a cold winter season. Our team at Baer Heating & Cooling wants to ensure that your family stays warm through Spring. If your heater blows out cold air or your thermostat glitches, trust Baer for swift solutions. One of our heating experts will take care of you, quickly solving whatever issue arises in your system. Unfortunately, some issues are irreparable, and you may need to replace your heater. We offer free estimates on new installations. Don’t spend another moment freezing; call Baer Heating & Cooling to fix it right the first time.

Furnace Repairs Carlyle IL
Air Conditioning Cooling Service Carlyle Illinois

Best Cooling Service in Carlyle, IL

Many people look forward to the fun outdoor activities of Summer, from concerts and festivals to swimming and barbecuing. Sometimes we need a break from soaking up the rays and escape the heat with some air conditioning. Don’t let a broken air conditioner spoil your Summer joy; call Baer Heating & Cooling! We offer air conditioning services to residential and commercial customers. Our skilled and certified technicians will solve your cooling issues quickly so you can get back to your festivities without worry. Trust Baer for HVAC service, repairs, maintenance, and repairs on your air conditioner.

Maintenance for Heating & Cooling Service on Your HVAC

We all try to hold out for as long as we can to replace appliances because it is an expensive investment. A great way to keep your heater or air conditioner working longer is with routine maintenance. At Baer, we recommend scheduling a clean and check service with one of our certified technicians every year. Not only will regular maintenance prolong your unit’s lifespan, but we can also monitor for small issues to prevent costly repairs later. Schedule your appointment today to:

  • A visual inspection of your entire system
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Removing any debris
  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Inspecting the thermostat settings
  • Assessing your exhaust outlets
  • Monitoring the refrigerant levels
Maintenance Service Carlyle IL
Air Quality Carlyle Illinois

Better Air Quality for a Healthy Lifestyle

Many people strive for a healthier lifestyle by exercising and watching what they eat. Another facet to consider is your environment, specifically, the air you breathe. You may be surprised by how many pollutants can accumulate in your home or office and re-circulate through the air vents. While we can’t control outside pollution, Baer Heating & Cooling has air purifying solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Call us today for a free estimate and learn how we can eliminate contaminants with:

  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • High-efficiency HVAC filters
  • In-duct air purifiers
  • Ventilation control systems
  • Carbon dioxide sensor

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Carlyle, IL

The people of Carlyle, Illinois, have come to trust Baer Heating & Cooling for repairs, maintenance, and installation of their furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioners. Besides our expert work and exceptional customer service, another benefit to hiring us is that our technicians specialize in sheet metal fabrication. This means that we can create all the pieces, including elbows, louvers, vents, flashings, and more, for custom ductwork with the perfect fit on your HVAC system. Call us today for a free estimate on any of our services!

Sheet Metal Cooling Service Carlyle IL
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