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Spring Tune-Up for Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Spring Tune-Up

Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

There may still be some time before you need to worry about hot summer days. However, preparing your air conditioning unit now can save you money and headaches when the temperature starts to rise. Spring a/c checkups can detect and fix small problems, preventing them from becoming large issues. Also, performing this checkup in spring can help you avoid long wait times and higher prices for service. Here are the main reasons to get a spring tune-up for your air conditioning unit and, consequently, your home.

Air Conditioning Unit in Trenton IL


Heating and cooling make up the majority of a home’s utility costs. Every homeowner looks to keep these costs low, and the best way is to maintain high efficiency in your a/c unit. During a spring check-up, your unit will get a thorough cleaning to remove the buildup accumulated over the fall and winter. Your air conditioner’s electrical connections, condenser coils, and filters should all be cleaned to remove any dirt buildup. Not only will this cleaning help your unit function efficiently during the upcoming summer, but it will extend the overall life of the unit as well.


During a check-up from an HVAC professional, like the ones at Baer, a thorough inspection would be done on every inch of your a/c unit. At this time, they will check your refrigerant levels, tighten electrical connections, calibrate the thermostat, check contacts and condensation lines, and check the motors’ amp usage. All of these inspections are vital to keeping your unit running smoothly. Also, any potential problems found now will save you money. A small refrigerant leak or loose wire would be much cheaper and easier to repair now versus replacing a burnt-out compressor or other parts. Additionally, if there is an issue, you’d rather discover it during the spring rather than the sweltering days of summer.

Air Conditioning Unit Inspection in Trenton IL

As always, Trenton, IL area customers can call their trusted Baer Heating and Cooling technicians with any questions they may have about their air conditioning unit. We’re here to keep you comfortable!



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