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    How can I take care of my outdoor HVAC unit?

    The best way you can take care of the outdoor unit is to keep it clean and free of debris such as sticks, leaves, dirt and more. When your outdoor unit is clogged, it makes it harder for the system to do its job. Leading to problems with home comfort and complete system breakdowns.

    How will I know I have a problem?

    Some of the common signs that your air conditioner isn’t working properly include constant running, strange noises, burning smells, inability to control temperature, incorrect temperature readings and more. If you notice something out of the ordinary, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

    Why is their water around my indoor air conditioning unit?

    These systems are tasked with removing heat and moisture from the air. To do this, the moisture has to go somewhere. When a drain line becomes clogged, your drain pan may overflow, causing a puddle to form on the floor. With a simple drain line cleaning and a towel, we can have this problem fixed fast.

    Can I replace half of my system?

    It’s possible if one unit is working, but the other isn’t, to replace only one part of the system. However, it’s not recommended. Usually, when there are problems with your unit, it affects the entire thing. Also, if you’re going to spend the money on a new unit, you might as well replace both at the same time unless the other unit was recently replaced.

    What should I check before calling a repairman?

    While we always advocate for getting professional help, there are some things you can check before calling us. First, make sure that your system is turned on and programmed to the proper settings. Next, check the air filter as a clogged filter can cause many common HVAC problems. If it’s not any of the simple stuff, call us next!

    How often should I have my furnace checked?

    On average, you should have your furnace checked at least one time per year. Annual maintenance checks will clean and inspect your system to ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency. Additionally, these annual checkups can alert you to small problems before they become bigger ones!

    What is the best time of the year for a furnace or air conditioner cleaning?

    The best time for any maintenance is at the beginning of the season before you’re using your unit every day. Spring before summer is the best time for an A/C unit and fall before winter is the best time for a heating system.

    How often should I clean my air ducts?

    It’s important to have your ducts cleaned at least once per five years. However, if you have pets or you smoke, you need to have them cleaned on a more regular basis.

    Can I clean my own heating or cooling unit?

    Technically speaking, yes you could. However, it’s better to trust a trained professional that has expert knowledge and is backed up by insurance.

    When is it time for a new furnace or air conditioner?

    This depends mostly on your specific unit. A well-maintained unit can last a long time. Units that are neglected and improperly cared for won’t last as long. It depends on the age and the condition of your system.

    Can I use my system if it hasn’t been serviced yet?

    Yes. You’re fine to use your system, but you shouldn’t put your annual inspection off for too long!

    What can I do if my indoor air conditioning unit freezes up?

    This happens when the a/c unit has to work too hard to cool the air in your home. Many times this is caused by a dirty air filter that hasn’t been changed. Regardless, turn the unit off and let it thaw out completely. Then, call a trained professional to ensure you haven’t damaged your system.

    Should I close the vents in rooms that I’m not using?

    You can do this, and it won’t hurt your system. However, it may hurt the energy efficiency of your home. We recommend leaving all vents open to ensure even distribution of air throughout the home.

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