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  • Lowering winter energy bills

    energy saving maryville ilHome energy costs tend to skyrocket during the winter months due to prolonged heater use. Able to keep the home a comfortable temperature despite the freezing temps outdoors, the lifesaving device is one that you don’t want to do without. So, how do you keep your household utility bills at a reasonable price without sacrificing comfort by turning your heater’s thermostat down low?

    There are many ways to keep more money in your pocket without putting yourself and your family’s health in jeopardy. Maintaining a warm, comfortable place to live in is ideal in colder climates such as Maryville IL in the winter.

    What You Can Do to Keep Your Home Energy Bills in Check

    If you’ve experienced astronomical home energy bills in the winter, you know how disheartening it can be. It’s important to take it upon yourself to prevent the problem from occurring often. A little mindfulness and application go a long way in keeping your utility consumption manageable.

    The following tips help lower winter energy bills dramatically:
    fixing drafty windows maryville illinois

    • Check for drafts. Make sure windows and doors don’t have cracks or gaps in them. Otherwise, the cold from outdoors sneaks into the home rather quickly. Cover windows with plastic and place draft blockers against doors. You want to keep the warm air from escaping from the home once it has reached a desirable temperature. Drafts are one of the main culprits in raising your utility bills during the cold weather months of the year.
    • Bundle up. Dress in layers, so you’re not forced to turn the air conditioner up too high. The worse thing that can happen is that you find it’s too warm inside and needs to take off your sweater or vest. It makes more sense to add more clothing than add a greater expense to your home energy bill. If there is an improvement in weather conditions and the sun shines brightly, you can shed some of the extra clothes in favor of lighter apparel.
    • Have your heater serviced by a professional. Your heating system should be handled by an expert long before it’s turned on for the first time during the winter. Having a service tech take a look at the heater ensures that it’s operating safely and optimally before you become dependent on it during the winter months of the year. You’ll have someone to call if the heater does start acting up and not performing the way that it once did.
    • Invest in a programmable thermostat. You’re able to set the temperature that you want and walk away without needing to adjust it. A programmable thermostat prevents great fluctuations in temperatures inside the home. You won’t see an enormous increase in your utility bills because you’ll have control over the thermostat via remote or smartphone app. Knowing that the temps inside the home are cozy, but practical, help you gain better control over your household utility expenses.

    winter energy savings maryville ilBeing mindful of ways that you consume energy in the winter can help you reduce your bills even further. You’ll come up with new ways to conserve resources rather than waste them. The savings that you’ll see throughout the winter adds up significantly.

    Being Energy-Efficient Has Its Benefits

    There are many ways to lower winter energy bills in Maryville, IL. It’s up to you to take charge and make it happen. Applying the tips listed above makes it easier for you to save on home utility costs, so you’re able to use your money for other things. You’ll have more resources available for you to utilize because of the thought you put into lowering your home energy bills this winter.