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  • Reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air in Glen Carbon IL

    When chilly winter weather hits Glen Carbon, IL, the last thing you need is for your furnace to start blowing cold air. Several underlying issues can cause this problem with your heating system. Before you call a furnace repair service, consider which of these problems might be responsible for your furnace blowing cold air.

    1. Incorrect Thermostat Settings

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    When your furnace blows cold air, the first thing to check is the settings. The furnace should be switched on, and the thermostat should be set to a sufficiently warm temperature that the air that it supplies to your home is warm. If turning up the thermostat does not help, read on to find more possible explanations for your malfunctioning furnace.

    2. Pilot Light Has Gone Out

    Gas furnaces rely on a pilot light to remain lit at all times to allow them to heat your home. If the pilot light goes out, the furnace will not be able to heat any air.
    The fix for this problem is usually straightforward. You need to use a long gas lighter to relight the pilot light and get your furnace working again.

    If you cannot get the pilot light to relight, it could be that something is blocking the flow of gas into your furnace. Sometimes the opening becomes blocked with soot and other products of combustion. You could try turning off the furnace and cleaning the pilot light with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. Dry off the area with a towel and then try lighting the pilot light again.

    3. Air Filter is Blocked

    Home heating systems contain filters to clean warm air before it is blown into your home. If these filters become blocked with dust, pet hair, or dirt, the flow of air can stop, and the furnace can overheat, causing a safety mechanism to shut it down automatically.
    Changing the filter in a home heating system is usually a straightforward repair. If you know where to find the air filter and know where you can purchase a replacement, you can carry out this repair yourself. However, if you are at all unsure of how to replace the filter, you can call a local furnace maintenance and repair service in Glen Carbon, IL, who will be happy to help.

    4. A Duct is Leaking Air

    heating maintenance springfield ilIf cold air is coming from the vents of your home heating system, the problem might not lie with the furnace, but rather with the ducts that transport the warm air around your home. These ducts are made of quite thin material that can tear or crack, allowing the warm air to leak out into the crawl spaces or attic of your home.

    If you can easily access the ducts of your home heating system, you can check them for leaks to see whether this is the cause of your heating problems. However, ducts are often located in parts of the home that are very difficult to access. An easier option is to call a home heating repair service, who can locate the leak for you and carry out a repair.

    If you cannot work out what the problem is with your heating system, do not hesitate to call a furnace repair service for help. Furnace repair specialists can help people all over Glen Carbon, IL, to stay warm and cozy this winter.