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  • Here’s what you can do to improve the efficiency at your Troy IL home

    Whether it’s Summer or Winter in the Troy Illinois area, one thing is for certain – people are using their HVAC systems to help balance out the unpredictable, and sometimes unbearable, weather. With this in mind, people all over are doing all their can to improve their energy efficiency, allowing their units to run when they need them and not when they don’t, which helps save money on heating or cooling bills. As its November, people are starting to worry about how they’ll pay to heat their homes this winter. Here are a few tips that you can use to improve energy efficiency at your home or business.

    HVAC Efficiency O'Fallon Illinois Sealing WindowSeal Cracks & Holes

    The first thing that you’re going to want to do is inspect your home and ensure there aren’t holes or cracks that are resulting in drafty areas of the home. Use epoxy, adhesive, and other methods to close these holes and keep the warm air where it belongs – in your home!

    Add Insulation

    Another option you have is to add insulation to your home. While most parts of your home are already insulated, it may be beneficial to add insulation to areas of your home that aren’t often used such as a garage, attic or basement. This will help keep their air from escaping and being replaced with air from outside.

    HVAC Efficiency O'Fallon Illinois Cleaning Unit

    Clean your Unit

    While many people don’t know this, many HVAC problems have to do with units that haven’t been cleaned in a while. This causes the air filter to clog up and coats the components of your HVAC unit with dust, which can cause problems such as blocked airflow, poor air quality, and pilot light and burner problems. Routinely dust around your unit and keep the area clean to prevent problems.

    Seasonal Tune-Ups

    Another thing that you can do is get a seasonal tune-up from a local HVAC professional. This isn’t just a service call – they’ll come to your home, inspect and clean the unit and provide any necessary repairs to get your system through the winter. This can help improve your energy efficiency and increase the effectiveness of your unit!

    Utilize the Sunshine

    On sunny days, you can open those shades and let the sun heat your home with natural light. While you can’t rely on the warmth of the sun to complete heat your home, when let into the proper rooms, it can be a valuable complement to your HVAC unit, allowing it to run less often during the warmest parts of the day.