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  • How to keep heating costs low at your Germantown, IL home

    September 3, 2019 | Blog Heating Support
  • Here’s how you can keep those heating costs as the seasons get colder

    It’s September in Germantown, IL, which means we’re starting to see a glimpse of some of the cooler temperatures that we’ll grow accustomed to throughout the fall and into the winter months. With a cooldown on our horizon, it’s normal for people in this area to start thinking about heating their homes for the cold days ahead. However, people aren’t just worried about heating their homes – they’re also worried about paying to heat their homes.  With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the things you can do to limit your heating costs this winter. Read on for more details and don’t hesitate to call a local heating professional if you need help!

    Seal Cracks & Holes

    make sure windows are sealed for lower heating costs in Germantown ILOne of the first things that you can do to limit the amount you’re spending on energy is to find the places where warm air can escape, which can include cracks and holes around window and door frames, poorly sealed windows, holes in the wall around plumbing and other piping and more. These tiny cracks and holes allow air to leak out, which could be forcing your unit to work hard to heat the air that’s left on the inside of the home. Use epoxy substances to seal these openings and keep the warm air inside!

    Close Windows & Doors

    Whether you’re exercising in the basement or just chasing the kids around the house, you may be tempted to open a window to let some of the cool air in. While it may help to cool you off, remember that it’s helping to cool the entire home off, which causes you to spend more on energy. It’s a better idea to go outside and catch some of that cool air before you open a window and let it inside!

    Use Insulation

    Now is the perfect time to insulate spots in your home that are susceptible to cold temperatures. This could be a basement, attic or just any room without sufficient insulation. This is one of the most effective things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

    Program the Thermostat

    Another option that you have is to program the thermostat. Set the thermostat to kick on and off based on when you’re scheduled to be at home and when you’re supposed to be at work. Keeping the thermostat just a few degrees lower can help you save up to 5% for every degree below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Change the Furnace Filter

    replacing air filters can lower heating costs in Germantown ILThis is one of the easiest maintenance tasks that you can do. Additionally, a clogged filter is a common reasons for heating problems. When the filter clogs or becomes dirty, it makes the system work harder to push the warm air through your home. This extra work means extra energy spent, which means you’ll end up seeing those charges on your next bill!

    Get a Heating Tune-Up

    What’s the best way to ensure your system is running smoothly throughout the peak winter season? A heating tune-up, of course! We’ll provide a heating tune-up that will inspect every component and function of your system, ensuring you get the maintenance and repairs needed to help your system last all season long!

    Utilize Natural Heat

    Did you know that you can use the sun to heat your home, even when it’s cold outside? That’s right, leaving your windows open and letting the sun stream through can help keep your home warmer, which means you won’t be using your furnace as much.