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HVAC Service Provider Problems That You Shouldn’t Tolerate

With so many important problems that are on your mind as a Highland, IL home or business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about problems with your HVAC service provider. Over time, those things that were annoying can start to become serious issues that will cost you money and may even threaten your business. Unless you are in a remote location, you will have several options when choosing an HVAC service company. So why settle for a company that may let you down? Check out some of the common ways that your service provider may be letting you down, and why you should rethink this relationship.

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Not Showing Up When Your HVAC Service Provider Promises Too

There are always going to be some unavoidable reasons why your service providers are arriving late. This includes traffic problems, prior job issues, etc. However, the best service companies know how to minimize issues like those. Also keep in mind, that if your HVAC provider is consistently unreliable in their response time, you should consider switching to a different company.

Slacking on Maintenance Tasks

If you have a preventative maintenance agreement, you need to be sure that your HVAC service provider is properly taking care of all of the tasks that you are paying for. There can be some level of variation in what certain providers consider to be “preventative” tasks. This can include filter and belt changes, which is the bare minimum. A proper provider is someone who checks the refrigerant levels, inspects electrical connections and the condition of all parts as well as cleans the coils, and checks drain lines and pans.

Is Your HVAC Service Provider Taking Too Long to Get Parts?

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Some smaller HVAC service providers may not have a large enough part in their inventory to have what your HVAC needs in stock. This is especially true if you have an older system or have off-brand parts, it may be harder to find your parts. However, if you cannot wait for them to order the part, find a larger provider which can be able to have the part that you are specifically looking for.

If you are struggling with finding a reliable HVAC service provider who understands your needs, give our team at Baer Heating & Cooling a call today! We are here to make sure that our expert technicians can repair your HVAC system quickly & efficiently.



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