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5 Reasons to Get a New HVAC System When You Renovate

You might have decided recently to do some renovations to your Mascoutah, IL building, while this is exciting it can also make you a little nervous. There are several details to consider that might leave you feeling overwhelmed. For example, will you unexpectedly need a new HVAC system?

Even if you are not changing the square footage of the space, by changing the layout, usage, occupancy, and even the materials used to create the space, the design of your HVAC will need to change as well. Read on to find out why.

Changes to the Interior layout require changes to the ductwork

Your current ventilation system will need to be updated to accommodate layout changes. A ventilation system consists of air ducts that carry heated and cooled air throughout the building. If you decide to move walls, windows, or doors, this changes how the air flows through the building. If you do not update your ventilation system to fit the needs of the new space, you will be left with hot and cold spots in your space.

When the usage of building areas is changed, heating and cooling requirements also change

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If you decide to renovate to accommodate or add new activities to your building, remember that even changes in the amount of computer equipment in the space make a difference. It’s important to take into consideration what the purpose of the new space will be. You want to ensure that the design of the new HVAC system is modified accordingly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

More occupants require less heating and more cooling

Are you occupying your new renovative space to accommodate more customers? The more people are occupying a given space, the more it heats up. This means that you will need less heat in the wintertime and more cooling in the summer. You should make sure your HVAC system can handle your occupancy changes.

Your old furnace and/or air conditioner may be incorrectly sized after the renovation

When you renovate, you may need less heating and cooling due to new materials and construction techniques that are more energy efficient. It is also possible to reduce the amount of heating and cooling needed by installing new insulated windows and doors. The same is true for new wall insulation. In addition, new lighting technology produces less heat, which can result in fewer cooling needs but may increase requirements for heating.

There is a possibility that your existing furnace and air conditioner are not sized correctly for your renovated space. Many times, it is now too large. It may seem like a good thing, but an oversized system wastes energy and reduces comfort levels in your home.

You may need to modify airflow to control orders

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This is important to take into consideration if you are in the food service industry. You are going to want to prevent unpleasant odors from lingering in places that could put off your customers. The airflow show moves in a desirable way that matches your layout. It’s important to strategize where your kitchen and restroom odors are coming from. Make sure your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are properly sized before you start construction by contacting Baer Heating and Cooling. Depending on your new space, you may only need to move some ducts, or you may need to replace your existing HVAC system.  Bear Heating and Cooling are your trusted HVAC experts. Give them a call before you start construction on your next renovation.



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