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What is the Foul Smell Coming From Your New Baden, IL Furnace?

Similar to most complex systems, furnaces in New Baden, IL homes are reliable when they are properly inspected and maintained. One of the most reliable signs that homeowners need to call their local HVAC company is if they start to smell a foul smell coming from the furnace. Here are some of the common smells and where they come from.

Foul Smell

Furnace Smells Caused by Dust

A furnace is typically used seasonally which means that when it is not going, it collects dust. Even with using advanced filters, dust is quite common in your furnace. The dust begins to smell when it is heated up from the furnace and is turned on. When dust particles start to burn, they emit a dry scent. So if you smell this in your home, dust is the common cause of it.

Rotten Egg Foul Smell

Any foul smell that appears only when your furnace is running, is a concerning smell. When there is a weird odor such as this, it is best to call your professional HVAC Company to repair the issue. This particular smell comes from the natural gas in your furnace. Natural gas is used as an ignition source for most furnaces. Normally, by itself, it does not have a smell. However, this means it would be undetectable if it leaked, so sulfur is added to the natural gas, creating the rotten egg smell.

The added mercaptan is not hazardous to humans, however, it alerts you when these hazards are in the air. Natural gas is a hazard as it is able to deplete oxygen sources and cause fires. This is why it is crucial that if you start to smell rotting eggs when your furnace is on, you call an HVAC professional right away.

Combusted Oils and Foul Smell

HVAC Repair

An oil furnace can either leak or fail to fully combust the oil inside. If you smell oil while your furnace is on, handle this with urgency. Heated oil is a burning hazard. This makes it dangerous and can cause a fire in your HVAC system.

If you are smelling a foul smell call our team at Baer Heating & Cooling today. We will send a professional out to make sure that your furnace issue gets resolved.



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