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Changing out an Air Filter for HVAC System

The Importance of Your Air Filter in a Properly Working HVAC System

Replacing Air Filter in Highland IL Home

Why is my air filter so important to my Highland, IL home?

If you’ve ever lived in a house that is poorly air-conditioned, then you must appreciate the role that a properly installed a/c unit plays. You need a working HVAC system to help you in cooling and heat the house during extreme weather conditions. One of the most irritating occurrences is when you have an air conditioner installed in your house but it still doesn’t serve its purpose. The most common problem that could cause such failure is a defect in the HVAC filter. So why is it important to keep the air filter in check?

The air filter might be clogged

Air filters play an important role in shielding the a/c unit against debris. Due to HVAC systems being positioned out in the open air, they are prone to debris entering the machine. Such debris causes clogging in the air filter, which can lead to more damage to the entire system. You can avoid such damages by checking and replacing air filters regularly. This will save your system from costly repairs.

Saving on energy costs

More energy is consumed when the air filter is forced to work harder due to excess debris building up. When the air filter works harder, the energy consumed by the HVAC system goes up. Research shows that you can save from 5 to 15% of the energy consumed by air conditioners when you regularly change air filters.

Dirty Air Filter in Highland IL

You get better-quality air

The main aim of an air conditioning unit is to supply quality air in a house and to also offer cooling or heating when needed. This means that your air filters must be functioning properly to stop contaminated air from entering your house. The only way to have clean air is by ensuring that your air filters do not let in contaminated air. You must consider some air conditioning tune-ups on a regular basis.

For the residents of Highland, IL; and the surrounding areas, you can contact Baer Heating & Cooling, Inc. for quality air conditioning maintenance. We are here to help you achieve quality air conditioning in your home or office.



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