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  • It’s July in Breese, IL – Why Is My A/C Unit Blowing Hot Air?

    a/c unit cold air in Breese IL

    There is nothing as bad as relaxing in your Breese, IL home on a warm summer afternoon, only to realize that the a/c unit has started blowing hot air. Although it is not yet summer, you do not want to wait until the warm summer months to establish why the a/c systems are not working.

    Baer Heating & Cooling, Inc. recommends that you set out to find the reasons as early as possible by calling in an air conditioning tune-up professional. The following are reasons why the a/c systems could be blowing hot air this July.

    Your thermostat may have been turned to heat mode

    This is one of the leading reasons why the a/c unit may be blowing hot air. The thermostat may have been accidentally switched to heat mode. It is a common mistake in very many homes. If you find that the switch has been flipped to heat mode, flip it back to cool mode, and you will be good to go.

    Dirty air filter causing a dirty evaporator coil

    Is your thermostat set to cool but the a/c unit is still blowing hot air? The reason could be that you have a dirty air filter that has caused your evaporator coil to become dirty. When this happens, your air conditioner is unable to carry out its functions of cooling your house. Although you can quickly change the filter on your own, you need to call in an air conditioning maintenance professional to clear the evaporator coil.

    Your outer a/c unit has not been maintained properly

    a/c unit inspection in Breese IL

    Take a walk to the outer section of the house where the air conditioner unit is located. Establish whether there is anything that could be blocking the flow of air to its condenser coils. Do they have any debris or dirt?

    If this is the case, they could have a negative impact on the ability of your air conditioner to perform its duties. Call in an air conditioner repair professional to assist you with the cleaning.

    Keeping a close eye on such problems helps prevent the a/c unit from blowing hot air during the warm summer days. It also helps ensure that you do not end up with a very costly breakdown. If you reside in the Breese, IL area, contact Baer Heating & Cooling, Inc. for all your a/c unit maintenance and repair needs.