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  • How can a dehumidifier make my Aviston, IL home more comfortable?

    working dehumidifier in Aviston IL

    Humidity causes more than a dank, icky feeling when you’ve been moving around too much. In addition to being uncomfortable, a lot of consumer electronics, office equipment, and industrial machines can fail a lot quicker if not protected from heavy, humid operating conditions.

    Whether you’re in a household that always has the latest tech or you’re living a home office lifestyle, here are a few details to understand how a dehumidifier could revolutionize comfort and performance.

    Wear And Tear from Bad Moisture Management

    Consumer electronics have two major risk areas when dealing with humidity: corrosion and poor cooling. Anything with metal can either rust or corrode when exposed to unclean water–even in vapor form–and heavier air from humid conditions can make it harder to circulate cooler air.

    In humid conditions, water can collect inside computers like dew. A lot of devices become steamy boxes of moisture collection, as higher temperatures from constant electrical supplies can slow down the air molecules and allow the water to build up into bigger droplets.

    It goes beyond just electronics. If your home has expensive cloth materials, wooden furniture that hasn’t been treated or retreated recently, or paperwork that isn’t in a sealed container, humidity can lead to rot and deterioration within a matter of months.

    With a dehumidifier, your maintenance requirements and corrosion risks go down significantly. Not only will you slow down the moisture buildup rate, but you’ll be given more time to clean out your systems before something bad happens. No wet sponges or dust means a safer system.

    Humidity And Hot Electronics Can Affect Comfort

    Heat and humidity on their own can be a problem, but anyone from tropical or subtropical areas can tell you how heat and humidity can be. If you live in Illinois, you get a taste of what some parts of the Southeast experience with their muggiest summers, but it’s not quite the swamps of South Carolina or Georgia.

    But it can be.

    If your area is humid–but not as hot as other parts of the country–a few heat-emitting devices can change that. Our homes are filled with electronics, from ovens to TV sets and computers, which generate a lot of heat just by being on, and the more powerful the device, the higher the temperature.

    Gaming computers, graphic design computer, and bitcoin-mining computers are just a few of the more mainstream system types, but it’s all about high calculating power and high heat from processors. They can start a fire without the standard heat sink and fan assembly, but even with standard cooling, it can become a heat and humidity nightmare.

    For any room that has a heat-emitting device that changes the room by even a degree or two, make sure that a dehumidifier is nearby. A whole-home dehumidifier can be installed to deliver an air quality treatment that is easier to manage and can be part of a bigger a/c systems plan.
    dehumidifier moisture in Aviston IL
    When allowed to build up, humidity and damp doesn’t just affect how electronics work, it can also cause mold and mildew to develop. You might notice this as black or gray speckling around windows and ceilings, warped floorboards, and stains. It doesn’t just look bad, it can also have a negative impact on you and your family’s health, particularly for those who suffer with allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma. Excessive humidity can be a real problem and needs rectifying to prevent problems further down the line.

    Call in the professionals

    Contact one of our dehumidification professionals at Baer Heating & Cooling, Inc to find a model that matches your home size and humidity management needs, and be sure to ask about installing an efficient a/c unit in your Aviston, IL home as well.