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Replacing Air Filter for Comfort Systems

What Comfort System Maintenance Requires a Pro in Nashville, IL?

Here’s what you can (and cannot) do by yourself

When you decide to buy a home, you’re signing on to a long list of maintenance tasks for the different systems and appliances found throughout your home. Your comfort systems are no different, requiring extensive maintenance work to stay in a tip-top shop throughout its lifespan. Furthermore, many would argue that you can lengthen the lifespan of your system with a few simple HVAC maintenance tasks. While there are things that you can do by yourself, that doesn’t mean your system shouldn’t be serviced by a true professional at least once per year. Here are a few of the things you can do, and the things you cannot do by yourself when it comes to your home comfort systems! Call the pros at Baer Heating and Cooling for more information.

What you can do

Comfort System DIY Maintenance in Nashville IL

Change the Filter

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to maintain yourself. It’s also the thing you can do that’s least likely to cause any problems, no matter what you do. Be sure that you have the correct size of the filter, and make sure that the filter is inserted correctly in the unit. For replaceable filters, wait until midday to remove the filter for cleaning. That way, you can use the afternoon heat to stave off the cold while you wait for the filter to dry.

Lightly Clean the Unit

Too much dust can be horrible for your system, clogging up the filter and forcing your unit to work harder. Lightly cleaning around and cleaning the exterior of the unit can help prevent dust buildup that could harm the efficiency of your system.

Clean your Ductwork

Air ducts get clogged with all sorts of dust, debris, dander, and pet hair. You can easily clean out your ductwork for a system that functions more efficiently and helps keep your air filter cleaner for longer!

Relight the Pilot Light/Starter

pilot light outage is relatively routine. Follow the directions for relighting the pilot light that is posted on your unit. If the pilot light keeps going out, it’s time to call a local contractor who can diagnose and repair your problem.

What you cannot do

Deeply Clean the Unit

To deep clean the unit, you’d have to open it up and clean everything out on the inside. That’s not something that you should worry about doing yourself. Leave the deep cleaning to the pros to avoid touching, moving, or damaging something that’s vital to your system’s function.

Comfort System Service in Nashville IL

Change Parts

Broken parts are relatively common when it comes to home comfort systems. However, just because you can identify the part, doesn’t mean you should be trying to replace the part. HVAC technicians go through years of hands-on training to ensure they understand these parts and how they fit. Without this knowledge, you’re bound to make critical errors.

Change, Reconnect, or Repair Gas Lines

Never, ever, ever, mess with gas lines. Don’t touch them, twist them, or even look at them with the intention of doing so. If you think something is wrong with your gas lines, or you smell a leak, leave your home and call the gas company for the next steps.



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