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  • HVAC troubleshooting steps to take before calling a pro in Carlyle, IL

    April 1, 2019 | Blog Maintenance Support
  • Try these things before calling a professional

    HVAC troubleshooting professional in Carlyle ILThere’s nothing more uncomfortable than comfort systems that won’t run when it’s hot or cold outside. Unfortunately, our heating and cooling systems are just as prone to breakdowns and problems as any other system or appliance in our homes. Furthermore, it’s important to be able to provide yourself a certain amount of troubleshooting expertise to ensure you’re saving yourself from the high costs of a repair man when you can. While it’s nice to hire a professional to take care of things, there are a few problems that you should be able to handle on your own. Read on for more about the HVAC troubleshooting that you should be able to do yourself.

    Check/Change the Filter

    The first thing that you can check is for a dirty or clogged filter. This is the root cause for many air conditioning and furnace problems. When the filter clogs with dirty and debris, it causes dust to coat the entire inside of the unit. Due to this, buildup of dust can cause problems such as overheating, air temperature problems, cycling problems, thermal couple problems, flame igniter problems and more.

    Check Power to System

    hvac troubleshooting power in Carlyle IL

    Another thing you’ll want to check is the power to the system. First, find your circuit breaker and check to see if any of the breakers have been flipped. If so, that’s probably the reason that your system isn’t working. If nothing has been tripped on the breaker, make sure you didn’t flip the power switch on the machine itself by accident.

    Rule Out Thermostat Problems

    One reason that your system may be acting funny is problems with your thermostat settings. If the thermostat is set to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’ it’s causing your blower to run all of the time – even when it doesn’t need to be. This can cause extreme overuse of your system and a wide range of possible breakdowns and problems. If your thermostat is on the correct settings, this is probably not the issue.

    Reevaluate the Situation

    Still can’t figure out what’s wrong? Are you sure there’s something wrong? You may want to reevaluate if you can’t find anything wrong. For instance, if your unit seems like it’s running too often, but it’s extremely hot or cold outside, it’s probably just making up for the below or above average temperatures.

    Call a Professional

    So, you’ve gone through all of the steps. You’ve researched and reset and reevaluated, and you still can’t find the problem. At this point, it’s time to call a local professional that will understand how to diagnose and repair your problems.