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  • Repair or Replace? That is the question.

    comfort system service

    Regardless of the season, your comfort system is chiefly important to keeping your home a comfortable place to be. In fact, in the Okawville, IL area, people rely on their comfort systems, year ‘round to handle the rapidly changing Midwestern weather.  However, it’s unfortunate, but these systems aren’t built to last forever. Aging parts and outdated technology means a new system is inevitable at some point. But, when should you replace? Can you just get by with repairs? Read below to find out what you need to know to answer this question!

    What to Watch For

    You wouldn’t want to replace your system if there was nothing wrong with it, would you? Of course, not! However, it’s important to always be on the lookout for the signs of a problem, so that they can be solved quickly and effectively by an industry professional. Here are a few warning signs that you should watch for that will alert you to a problem with your system.

    • Strange Sounds
    • Strange Smell (gas or otherwise)
    • Cycling (repeatedly turning on and off)
    • Decreased Temperature Control
    • Decreased System Efficiency
    • Rapidly Rising Energy Bills

    Repair v. Replacement: Factors to Consider

    outdated comfort system

    Unfortunately, it may not be an easy decision when you’re finally faced with it. It’s helpful to think about the individual factors of your system and make an educated decision about whether or not you’ll need a replacement in the near future. Here are the factors that you should be considering.

    • Age – As comfort systems age, their technology becomes outdated and parts and components show signs of wear, which could have an impact on performance, efficiency and frequency of repairs. While units can last 20 years or more, it’s smart to start evaluate your system for performance and efficiency on an annual basis.
    • Performance – Finding it difficult to control the temperature? Is your system working too hard? This could mean that something is wrong and needs to be repaired, or it could be the warning sign of a larger problem that may involve the replacement of your system. Only a true professional can tell you for sure!
    • Efficiency – You’ll notice your efficiency takes a nose dive because it will show up on your energy bill. If you’re experiencing drastic increases in your energy usage, it may be due to an inefficient system that is outdated. Call our staff for an evaluation of your comfort system.
    • Frequency of Repairs – Are you always calling the repair main? If your unit is aging, and you’re always calling for repairs, it may be time to bite the bullet and go for the complete replacement. You’ll see an increase in performance, efficiency and you won’t have to hangout with the repairman nearly as often.

    The ‘Rules’ You Should Know

    Many HVAC websites and technicians talk about these ‘rules,’ where if the repair costs so much, you should replace and if it doesn’t hit the cost threshold, you should repair. Unfortunately, these decisions aren’t nearly as easy as described, and everybody’s situation is different. With that in mind, it’s really more of a common-sense decision. Your best bet is to use the factors above to evaluate your own decision based on your ability to purchase a new system.