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  • Open or Closed: That is the Air Conditioning Question

    air conditioning and open doors in Lebanon IL

    When it comes to heating and air conditioning, homeowners in the Lebanon, IL area are always trying to figure out how they can cut costs for lower energy bills, which has spawned the existence of some common, widely known tips that can help you save on monthly bills. However, not all of these tips add up, leaving people confused as to the best ways to set their HVAC systems and their homes to ensure optimal energy efficiency. One of those tips is that interior doors should stay open for improved airflow and better efficiency. Or, is it that doors should stay closed so they keep the cool air inside the room? Confused? Read more below about this question to find the answer!

    HVAC Tip: Keep Interior Doors Closed

    For those that believe in this tip, they keep their interior doors closed to keep the cool air from escaping into the rest of the house, causing the air conditioner to have to create more cool air to keep up with what is being lost through all the open doors in your house.

    HVAC Tip: Keep Interior Doors Open

    The rationale for those that believe this piece of advice is that the cool air will escape the room anyway, whether the door is open or closed. With open doors, it’s easier for the home to keep a common temperature, meaning it will run less often and save you more energy.

    Which is Right?

    While this is a piece of information that commonly gets confused, there’s only one correct answer to this question. Unless there is a good reason, the doors in your home should stay open for heating and cooling purposes, as this does help keep a common temperature throughout the home, combat drafty areas and leaks and will help with airflow and improved energy efficiency!

    More Energy Efficiency Tips

    air conditioning energy efficiency in Lebanon IL

    Wondering what else you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Here are a few tips that may help you:

    • Change your furnace filter on a regular basis to ensure proper airflow through your system and prevent buildup of dust and debris.
    • Use the proper-size filter to prevent debris buildup that could clog and damage the components of your system.
    • Clean the area around your indoor and outdoor unit to prevent debris from interfering.
    • Have a qualified HVAC professional inspect, clean and maintain your system once per season to ensure maximum performance.
    • Routinely inspect your unit and watch for the signs of an HVAC problem.