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  • Here’s the difference between roof-mounted & split system a/c units

    commercial roofing a/c vs split system a/c in Freeburg ILAs a homeowner, it’s important for everyone that the air conditioning system works when it’s needed most. In the Freeburg, IL area, July can mean sweltering heat for weeks on end, meaning you’ll spend a lot of time worrying about the temperature inside and outside your home. Unfortunately, our things have a tendency of breaking down right when we need them most. If this happens to you, you’ll be stuck trying to replace your air conditioner at the worst possible time of the season, when HVAC contractors are booked solid with appointments for maintenance, repairs and more. That being said, you’ll definitely have some decisions to make – here is the rundown on roof-mounted units and split system a/c units to give you the edge when making this decision for yourself.

    Roof-Mounted A/C Units

    Roof-mounted a/c units are just that – roof-mounted. They’re popular on homes with flat roofs that are easily accessible with a ladder or interior roof access. While not totally uncommon, these aren’t very suitable for pitched roofs. They’re best use is commercial buildings or multi-resident buildings that have easy roof access.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    The biggest benefit of roof-mounted units is that they sit off of the ground where someone could damage it or steal its components for valuable materials such as copper. Additionally, as stated before, it’s an advantageous choice for flat-topped homes and structures where the roof is more easily accessible and safer to work on. The drawbacks of a roof-mounted unit include difficulty accessing the unit, trouble doing proper maintenance and more. There’s no significant difference in pricing as the components cost approximately the same.

    Split System A/C Units

    A split system unit is an air conditioning unit that is comprised of two main parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit houses the compressor, the condenser coils and other necessary components. The indoor unit is sleek, usually wall-mounted, and it houses the cooling coil, the blower and the air filter.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    split system a/c in Freeburg ILSplit system a/c units are common in modern construction. They provide an efficient way to cool your home and control the temperature of a certain room. These units are cost-efficient and they cut down on noise due to the compressor being located outdoors. Choosing an air conditioning unit is an important decision. The truth is, neither of these options may be right for you – this choice should depend on the type of home you have, the size of your family, your cooling needs, budget and much more.

    How should I get started?

    If you need a complete system replacement, it’s good to start by calling the local professionals that have a reputation for quality service. Baer provides Collinsville, IL and homes throughout the St. Louis area with expert heating and cooling services when they need them!